Ad Club STL Digital Symposium

Chaos to Simplicity:
The 2021 Advantage

As 2020 crashes to a chaotic close, brands and agencies are forced to chart a new course into an unpredictable digital ecosystem. Can simplicity offer an advantage?

December 8th, 9th, & 10th

An interactive online experience

12pm – 2pm CST each day

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Discover the advantage that simplicity can offer in 2021.

Digital advancements are constantly shifting the intersections between ever-evolving media channels, tech systems, data regulations and user behavior. And if that wasn’t disorienting enough, 2020 happened and left even the most capable digital trend-surfers upside-down. 

How do you deal in the year ahead? 

If you felt like 2020 buried your best-laid plans under best-laid panic, turned “pivot” and “new normal” into working-from-home drinking games and generally left you questioning your life, your business and your sanity… Join us in the digital ether as we welcome thought-leaders across the industry to a series of interactive experiences that explore the advantage of simplicity in a time of social unrest, economic uncertainty and global “pausing.”

Our three-day event is hosted by Konakafe Creator, Ko Im, who is also moderating our Day 2 Panel.



Ko Im




Actions & Ads: Brand Strategy in An Age of Uncertainty

Tuesday, 12/8, 12:00PM CST

Humans are wired to have difficulty with uncertainty—and strategy is our coping tool. Because at its core, strategy is about allocating finite resources for competitive advantage in conditions of uncertainty. With COVID conversations abound, uncertainty has increased, leading marketers to wonder if they should pull, pause, or pivot? How do we frame conversations with our own teams? Award-winning marketers Faris & Rosie Yakob come to your screen for a session crafted to give you tools and frameworks you can use to help navigate your next move.

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Davianne Harris


Partner / Head of Strategy

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Rachel Mercer

Stealth Startup


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Shann Biglione

Publicis Media

Head of Strategy

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Stop This, Start That: What to Begin (and End) in the New Year

Wednesday, 12/9, 12:00PM CST

Just in time for your New Year’s resolutions, this panel discussion will be peppered with hot takes on what businesses, brands and individuals need to stop doing and start doing instead in 2021. What should agencies and consultancies stop doing for their clients and start doing instead? What should clients be doing differently? Get ready for some healthy debate on healthier habits as this roundtable of agency vets provides ample fodder for simplifying next year’s to-do (and not to-do) lists.

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Live Action Strategy: 45 Minutes to a Strategy

Thursday, 12/10, 12:00PM CST

There was a time when teams had months to work on each creative brief. Now, briefs sometimes need to appear within hours. And the briefs need to help focus sprawling teams responsible for more outputs than ever before. But is it possible to develop strategy worthy of a creative brief under such pressure? In this workshop, Mark Pollard from Sweathead will demonstrate a workflow that works at speed. He will take a business problem and run it through a variety of techniques – he’ll dig for the problem behind the problem, explore insights, and write a strategy statement, all in 45 minutes.

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Mark Pollard


Strategy CEO & Author

The energy and level of learning is amazing. Highly recommended.

– Adam Morgan, Adobe

Watch the 2018 recap

12/8 | 12:00 PM CST

Actions & Ads: Brand Strategy in An Age of Uncertainty | Rosie & Faris Yakob

12/8 | 1:00PM CST

Day 1 Breakout Discussion Rooms

12/9 | 12:00PM CST

Stop This, Start That: What to Begin (and End) in the New Year | Panel Discussion

12/9 | 1:00PM CST

Day 1 Breakout Discussion Rooms

12/10 | 12:00PM CST

Live Action Strategy: 45 Minutes to a Strategy

12/10 | 1:00PM CST

Day 3 Breakout Discussion Rooms

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